Wholesaler Meira Nova

Meira Nova is a wholesaler whose supply reliability you can trust without fail. Our customers include restaurants, hotels, personnel restaurants and public sector institutional kitchens. Our product range contains all the products needed by these customers. Meira Nova’s services cover all of Finland.

Meira Nova in English

Meira Nova

Meira Nova is a wholesaler that has specialized in serving restaurants, hotels, personnel restaurants and public sector institutional kitchens for the past 25 years.

Our customers order the products they need through Meira Nova’s online order system. The time it takes for an order to be delivered is 48 hours. That’s to say that with one order, one load and one invoice, customers get all the products they need.

After customers place orders, Meira Nova immediately relays these customer orders to Finnish suppliers of goods. Some of the products are collected from Meira Nova’s logistics centre in Tuusula. The products are delivered to Meira Nova’s regional terminal for combining together to make a load. After the load is ready, finished trolleys are delivered to the customer at the appointed time. In connection with delivering the load, the driver picks up any empty transport accessories.

The most important goal of both Meira Nova and our goods suppliers is to supply the customer with precisely the products ordered, at the appointed time. Being professionals, we understand a kitchen’s difficulties if ordered products are not available when desired.

Online Shop

Meira Nova’s online order system is an online shop intended for Meira Nova's customers. At this handy online shop, customers can place orders whatever time of day they like. Placing orders is facilitated by an effective product search, order templates and timely availability queries. Meira Nova’s online order team is ready to help customers with online shopping.

What Does Meira Nova Have to Offer?

We are offering you:

  • Online shopping, open 24/7
  • Selection of 21,000 products covering all product areas
  • Most reliable deliveries in the field
  • Option of shopping all the product areas you need for purchase in a single delivery
  • Delivery within 48 hours
  • Competitive prices
  • Sympathetic and competent customer service

For suppliers of goods

Do you have a good product of interest to consumers, which you would like to get into our selections?
We have procurement framework contracts in writing with all our suppliers.

Contact details of procurement service:

Imported products
Email meiranova.elintarvike@meiranova.fi

Consumer goods and textiles
Email kayttotavara.meiranova@meiranova.fi

Sales and Customer Service

Customers are served by our competent and professional personnel. Southern Finland’s customer service in Tuusula serves customers in Southern, Eastern and Northern Finland. Western Finland’s customer service in Turku serves customers in Western Finland.

Customer service for Southern, Eastern and Northern Finland
Tel. 010 76 86 550
Fax: 010 76 86 683

Customer feedback for Southern, Eastern and Northern Finland
Tel. 010 76 86 551
Fax: 010 76 86 683

Customer service and feedback for Western Finland
Tel. 010 76 86 820
Fax: 010 76 86 86 839

Meira Nova offers the best selection and procurement solutions in the field of foodservice.
Meira Nova’s comprehensive range of products includes fruit and vegetables, fresh produce, industrial foodstuff, frozen foods, beverages, consumer goods and work clothes.

The selection is formed according to the needs and wishes of our customers. The product selection criteria also include ethicality, responsibility and environmental values.


Have we perked your interest? If so, please contact yhteydenotot@meiranova.fi